HOW TO: survive London museums with kids

Evie enjoying Matisse's 'The Snail' at the Tate Modern

The city’s museums can be hugely inspiring and a lot of fun for children but they can also be overwhelming, so I always take a less is more approach and try not to cram too much in. Here a my top tips for getting the best out of your visit:

1. Spend twenty minutes the day before working out your route. Look at what exhibit you most want to aim for and then chat about the options with the kids.

2. Take note of where the kids’ room/activities centre is and make a note of it. It will save you time and stress.

3. Get the packed lunch, snacks, water bottles and rucksacks ready the night before.

4. Get an early night! Trust me, you’ll need the energy.

5. Get up early and if you are feeling super energetic go when the museum opens or shortly afterwards. That way you beat the crowds.

6. Locate the loos and food areas before you do anything. Be prepared to gravitate back to these areas several times.

7. Rather than rush around the museum in a flap, choose one big thing to do properly, whether it’s the aeroplanes on the third floor of the Science Museum, the Egyptians at the British Museum or the Roman section of the Museum of London. Make that your focal point.

8. Most museums have plenty of interactive elements to keep the children entertained so make sure you let them explore. 

9. If a meltdown is imminent, there’s almost always somewhere to buy ice-cream or cake. 

10. Quit while you are ahead. In other words, leave just before you want to. Kids get tired by museums and you’ll have to get them home without falling asleep on the tube.