SWEET BABY: chic feeding cushions

Nanami polar bear feeding cushion

My first baby was days from being born. The hospital bag was packed, those miniscule first outfits were lovingly laundered and the buggy was ready and waiting. For me, it was at this point I panic-invested in a C-shaped feeding cushion from there NCT shop on the last minute recommendation from a friend. It was bland by design but functional by nature and once my first babe had arrived, it became one of my most crucial items of baby kit. So, I was thrilled to see these charming designs at Playtime Paris recently. Nanami, is a Dutch brand that has cleverly filled the gap in the market for stylish feeding cushions. This tactile polar bear design (above) and whale (below) grows with your baby and becomes a cushion to prop them up before they can sit independently and then a cuddly toy throughout childhood and beyond. I wouldn't even mind it on the sofa. If you are looking for the ultimate baby shower/newborn gift, here it is.

£65 at kidly.com; nanami.nl

Whale Nanami feeding cushion